Creating System Keys

Creating a System Key

Well, someone finally figured out how to create your own system key files. It won't work with MTX800 series radios, but most other radios will like it. No guarantees that this will always work, but it is a start.

You need to fire up your Hex Editor and type in the following:

2C B5 32 B3 88 0D 6A DF 4B B4 E9 95 2C 6D 1C 03 37 24 1F 5B 93 BF 24 1A vw FF yz

In the above data, vw and yz are the bytes you will create with the information below. The "x" in the tables below denotes "don't care".

Save this file with the format "sys0xxxx.key", where xxxx is the same as your Group/System ID/SysID.

Group ID "v" Group ID "w" Group ID "y" Group ID "z"
0xxx 1x x0xx xA xx0x Ax xxx0 x1
1xxx 0x x1xx x9 xx1x Bx xxx1 x0
2xxx 7x x2xx x8 xx2x 8x xxx2 x3
3xxx 6x x3xx x7 xx3x 9x xxx3 x2
4xxx 5x x4xx x6 xx4x Ex xxx4 x5
5xxx 4x x5xx x5 xx5x Fx xxx5 x4
6xxx Bx x6xx x4 xx6x 6x xxx6 x7
7xxx Ax x7xx x3 xx7x Dx xxx7 x6
8xxx 9x x8xx x2 xx8x 2x xxx8 x9
9xxx 8x x9xx x1 xx9x 3x xxx9 x8
Axxx Fx xAxx x0 xxAx 0x xxxA xB
Bxxx Ex xxBx 1x xxxB xA
Cxxx Dx xxCx 6x xxxC xD
Dxxx Cx xxDx 7x xxxD xC
Exxx 3x xxEx 4x xxxE xF
Fxxx 2x xxFx 5x xxxF xE
Group ID "vw" Group ID "yz"
0Bxx 0F 8Bxx 8F
0Cxx 0E 8Cxx 8E
0Dxx 0D 8Dxx 8D
0Exx 0C 8Exx 8C
0Fxx 0B 8Fxx 8B
1Bxx 7F 9Bxx FF
1Cxx 7E 9Cxx FE
1Dxx 7D 9Dxx FD
1Exx 7C 9Exx FC
1Fxx 7B 9Fxx FB
2Bxx 6F ABxx EF
2Cxx 6E ACxx EE
2Dxx 6D ADxx ED
2Exx 6C AExx EC
2Fxx 6B AFxx EB
3Bxx 5F BBxx DF
3Cxx 5E BCxx DE
3Dxx 5C BDxx DD
3Exx 5C BExx DC
3Fxx 5B BFxx DB
4Bxx 4F CBxx CF
4Cxx 4E CCxx CE
4Dxx 4C CDxx CD
4Exx 4C CExx CC
4Fxx 4B CFxx CB
5Bxx BF DBxx 3F
5Cxx BE DCxx 3E
5Dxx BC DDxx 3D
5Exx BC DExx 3C
5Fxx BB DFxx 3B
6Bxx AF EBxx 2F
6Cxx AE ECxx 2E
6Dxx AD EDxx 2D
6Exx AC EExx 2C
6Fxx AB EFxx 2B
7Bxx 9F FBxx 1F
7Cxx 9E FCxx 1E
7Dxx 9D FDxx 1D
7Exx 9C FExx 1C
7Fxx 9B FFxx 1B

Some examples...

Of course, if you can find Motorola's System Key generator, you wouldn't need to create one the hard way...

RSS Exploits

There appears to be another way around the System Key... sort of.

Some time ago a neat trick was discovered in certain RSS to add/delete talk groups without the "proper" system key. This should work for any DOS based Astro, MTSX, MCS, VisarPP type RSS.

First off, you do need a system key, but it can be any key. Second, you need to have the system you wish to edit already set-up in the radio.

An example would be a service shop who has a system key (let's say system ID "1234") for their own 5 channel StartSite system. This service shop also has some radios set-up with a legit talkgroup on the State-wide SmartZone system (let's say ID "5555") for business purposes. For simplicity, let's assume it's the only system in the radio.

Now, read the radio with regular RSS and go to "trunking systems" (F4,F4,F3 from main menu). The "5555" system is in there as system#1. Now add another system using your legit system key, make it the same protocol (TypeI,II,IIi) and type (SmartNet, SmartZone, AMSS, etc) as the "5555". You don't need to worry about the individual ID, connect tone or control channels.

Once created, go to "trunking personality" (F4,F4,F4 from the main menu). In personality 1, you should see "System/ID......1-5555" second line down on the left. Press "enter" to move the cursor down to the "1-5555" and press either the "up" or "down" arrow on your keyboard. If you are using a slow 386/486 computer, you'll have to wait up to a minute, so be patient and it'll eventually change to "2-1234". You can now go into "F7-talkgroups" and add however many talkgroups you want. "F-10" back out to the personality screen, bring your cursor back up to "2-1234" and hit the arrow key. Soon it'll be back to "1-5555". Check "F7-talkgroups" again. Yep, all your new talkgroups have remained! Go add them to your "zone/channel assignment and have fun!